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Tinnitus Masker Pro allows you to choose from 14 different sounds and change their parameters so you can achieve the best masking effect for your tinnitus symptoms. Tinnitus Masker Pro is extremely easy to use and get to grips with, yet versatile enough to cover a wide variety of tinnitus symptoms. After finding your best masking frequencies, you can create your own custom masking CD's or mp3's to listen to anywhere. Sounds include, white, brown, blue, pink and violet noise, oceansurf, rain, wind, crickets, cicadas, radio static, airliner cabin, fan noise and aircon noise. You can select as many of these sounds as you like. There is no limit on the amount of sounds you can have playing together.. Each sound's volume can be individually controlled, as can its frequency and balance. So you may pan one sound to one ear, and another sound to the other ear to achieve the desired masking effect for your tinnitus symptoms. Your settings are automatically saved on exiting the program, and you can easily restore them with one click when you restart the program. You can also save your configurations to a file, to load at any time in the future. So you may save as many different combinations of sounds as you like, and play them back at anytime with one click. Tinnitus Masker Pro also comes with a built in sound recorder. This enables you to easily create your own custom Tinnitus Masking CD's. The recorder will save any sound created by Tinnitus Masker Pro to a .wav file. Also built in is the option to convert your saved wav file to mp3 format, for maximum file size reduction

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